The Dark Horse

Opening at LIDO on July 31

Cliff Curtis (Whale Rider) leads this true Kiwi story as Genesis Potini, the speed-chess prodigy from New Zealand who battled severe bipolar disorder for years. Co-stars James Rolleston (Boy) as his nephew Mana. Read more

Monty Python Live (Mostly)

Opening at LIDO on August 6

Live recording of the legendary Pythons' 2014 final reunion show at the O2 Arena in London. John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin perform live on stage together for the first time since performing at the Hollywood Bowl in 1980. Read more

And So It Goes

Opening at LIDO on August 7

Comedy veteran Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally...) directs Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas in this late-life rom-com about a well-hated self-centred realtor who suddenly finds himself in charge of a grandaughter he never knew he had. Read more

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Opening at LIDO on August 14

Helen Mirren stars in director Lasse Hallström's (Chocolat) adaptation of the Richard C. Morais novel about the rivalry between an Indian restaurant that is 100 feet away from a three-Michelin-star bistro in the south of France. Read more

Royal Shakespeare: Henry IV Part II

Opening at LIDO on August 24

The Royal Shakespeare Company's live theatre production of Henry IV Part II, filmed live on stage in the bard's home of Stratford-upon Avon and broadcast worldwide in cinemas. Read more

The Lunchbox

Opening at LIDO on September 18

Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi) leads this romance, where a mistaken delivery in Mumbai connects a young housewife to an older man. As they exchange notes to find the correct address, a relationship is triggered, built on the fantasy of their letters. Read more