Opening at LIDO on September 4

Longitudinal, observational coming-of-age drama from Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused), following the life of a boy from age 6 to 18. The movie was made over a period of 12 years, filmed in annual periods, watching the cast - including Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke - age and change. Read more

The Lunchbox

Opening at LIDO on September 18

Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi) leads this romance, where a mistaken delivery in Mumbai connects a young housewife to an older man. As they exchange notes to find the correct address, a relationship is triggered, built on the fantasy of their letters. Read more

The Skeleton Twins

Opening at LIDO on September 18

Playing against type in this drama, Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) and Bill Hader (Superbad) lead this drama as estranged twins who coincidentally cheat death on the same day, and reunite in an effort to work out how their lives went so wrong.  Read more