Nziff: Animation For Kids 8+

1hr 11mins | Rated PG | Low Level Violence

Each year our animation programme provides one of the best opportunities to introduce our youngest friends to the pleasures of international cinema and the NZIFF experience. NZIFF 2016 presents not one but two Animation for Kids collections – with each film guaranteed to amuse, entertain and inspire curious young minds and indie-animation-loving grown-ups alike.

Spring Jam 2016
6 minutes
Ned Wenlock
Georgiana Plaister
Without his antlers, Lone Stag has little chance of getting any birds to help him make music for the spring jam.

Anatole’s Little Saucepan 2014
6 minutes
Éric Montchaud
Meet Anatole, who is never without the little saucepan behind him. It’s quite literally a drag and really holds him back, but there's someone in the world who can help make sense of it.

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An Object at Rest 2015
6 minutes
Seth Boyden
This Oscar-nominated film follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia.

Two Friends 2014
4 minutes
Natalia Chernysheva
It’s super hard for frogs and caterpillars to remain lifelong friends. This bittersweet story of inter-species friendship shows the tricky side of metamorphosis.

Some Thing 2015
7 minutes
Elena Walf
Perhaps it’s really not that bad to have something deeply strange inside you that others laugh at.

About a Mother 2015
8 minutes
Dina Velikovskaya
A compelling story about a mother raising her three boys, and the power of sacrifice, familial love and particularly strong hair.

My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree 2015
12 minutes
Olga Poliektova, Tatiana Poliektova
A young boy tells us his views on love, life and death as he remembers his grandfather, who could listen to the trees breathing and believed that no one can die if someone still loves them.

Pawo 2015
8 minutes
Antje Heyn
A toy figure finds herself in a curious world with some wonderfully strange companions.

Slaves of the Rave 2015
3 minutes
William Garratt
An amusing musical take on the ‘we are who we hang out with’ mentality.

Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service 2016
11 minutes
Kim Claeys, Karim Rhellam
When a not-so-charming prince slays the dragon, the princess promptly orders a new one from the Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service.