The Big Sick

2hrs | Rated M | Offensive language & sexual references

"Not just the funniest romcom in ages, it's one of 2017's best films" Rolling Stone

A film about love, about stand-up comedy and about having your girlfriend in a coma is about to open across the country - and you shouldn't miss it.
True stories make for great movies, and given that the path of true love rarely runs smoothly, true love stories make for truly great movies.
The Big Sick is one of those movies.
Kumail is a stand-up comic, and when he starts dating a heckler from one of his gigs, his life takes a rather unexpected turn.
While he is busy dating Emily, his very traditional Pakistani mother is busy trying to marry him off to one of a legion of appropriate girls as per her cultural expectations.
Needless to say, Emily's never going to make that list of appropriate wives.
Things get rather complicated rather quickly, and Kumail finds himself at Emily's hospital bedside, alongside her rather hostile parents.
Then this very true story becomes something else entirely, and it's nothing short of a total delight.
The best way I can describe this rich-yet-simple, hilarious-yet-so-real little story, is that in a big season of big fat fun blockbusters, The Big Sick is like a delicious cinematic sorbet. It cleanses the palate, boosts your spirits and makes your veins pulse with laughter, love and life.
Loved it, just loved it.

Kate Rodger (TV3) 5 STARS.