Nziff: Ng? Whanaunga M?ori Pasifika Shorts 2017

1hr 31mins

Check out the latest and best M?ori and Pasifika short films as selected for NZIFF by Leo Koziol, Director of the Wairoa M?ori Film Festival, and Craig Fasi, Director of the Pollywood Film Festival.


An ancient spirit tries to send a message to a recent immigrant in the city that never sleeps. Stones are the symbol of burden – a burden that needs an open heart to carry and put to rest.


A M?ori girl receives a precious waiata composed by her deceased grandfather. In this story from Hokianga, tragedy strikes but there is hope in a new beginning.


A deaf M?ori boy feels isolated from his family but draws strength from performing the haka. Having reminders of what is important is a necessity. Forgetting what’s important may cost you your life.


A young trans woman becomes her true self. Being fa’afafine in Tonga is a challenge – but there’s a beauty pageant where your star can shine no matter who you are.


A teenager and a solo mum prepare to have their own fun on a Sunday. Tiger knows exactly how the world looks at her, but still fights to be accepted by her peers. Acceptance in this case is to be left alone without question.


A young woman with a shameful secret hides out from friends and family in a massive tree. A lonely tree in a crowded city becomes the symbol for a young Tongan woman’s personal journey, and a family that loves her no matter what.


Two brothers hatch a plan to head into the woods and hunt for a notorious possum named Scar. Step back to the 70s in this fantastical ?taki-filmed story of two M?ori boys growing up in the wild world of Wairoa.