Lido Cinema Hamilton Session Times


M - 1hr 51mins

Mon 27 Mar:  3:20pm
Tue 28 Mar:  3:10pm
Wed 29 Mar:  3:20pm

T2: Trainspotting

R16 (for violence, offensive language, drug use, sex scenes & content that may disturb.) - 1hr 57mins

Tue 28 Mar:  6:10pm
Wed 29 Mar:  8:30pm

A Street Cat Named Bob

PG (Coarse language & drug references) - 1hr 43mins

Mon 27 Mar:  11:20am, 1:05pm, 6:05pm
Tue 28 Mar:  11:20am, 1:30pm, 3:35pm, 6:00pm
Wed 29 Mar:  11:20am, 1:30pm, 3:35pm, 5:55pm

Hidden Figures

PG (Coarse language) - 2hrs 7mins

Tue 28 Mar:  1:10pm


PG - 1hr 58mins

Mon 27 Mar:  1:15pm
Tue 28 Mar:  3:45pm, 8:15pm
Wed 29 Mar:  3:00pm, 8:15pm

One Thousand Ropes

M (Violence & content that may disturb) - 1hr 38mins

Mon 27 Mar:  3:45pm, 5:45pm
Tue 28 Mar:  1:00pm, 8:05pm
Wed 29 Mar:  1:15pm, 8:05pm

Roh: Ashton Triple Bill

TBC - 3hrs

Sun 9 Jul:  10:45am
Wed 12 Jul:  2:00pm

Roh: Jewels

TBC - 3hrs

Sun 14 May:  10:45am
Wed 17 May:  2:00pm


TBC - 3hrs

Sun 6 Aug:  4:00pm
Wed 9 Aug:  2:00pm

The Innocents

M (Sexual violence, suicide & content that may disturb.) - 1hr 51mins

Mon 27 Mar:  10:45am, 7:50pm
Tue 28 Mar:  10:40am, 5:45pm
Wed 29 Mar:  10:45am, 5:45pm

Roh: Madama Butterfly

E - 3hrs

Sun 23 Apr:  4:00pm
Tue 25 Apr:  6:40pm
Wed 26 Apr:  2:00pm

Roh: The Sleeping Beauty

E - 3hrs

Sun 9 Apr:  10:45am
Mon 10 Apr:  1:45pm
Wed 12 Apr:  2:00pm

Fff 150 Milligrams

M (Graphic medical procedures) - 2hrs 7mins

Mon 27 Mar:  6:00pm
Mon 10 Apr:  8:30pm

Fff A Decent Man

R16 - 1hr 47mins

Thu 30 Mar:  8:30pm

Fff A Journey Through French Cinema

E - 3hrs 11mins

Wed 12 Apr:  7:45pm

Fff A Kid

M (Violence, offensive language) - 1hr 38mins

Sat 8 Apr:  4:00pm

Fff Baden Baden

M (Sex scenes, offensive language & nudity) - 1hr 36mins

Wed 5 Apr:  11:00am

Fff Dark Diamond

R16 - 1hr 51mins

Wed 29 Mar:  6:10pm
Sat 8 Apr:  6:10pm

Fff Eternity

M (Adult themes) - 1hr 55mins

Sun 2 Apr:  5:15pm
Mon 10 Apr:  11:00am

Fff Fanny's Journey

PG (Violence, Coarse Language, some scenes may disturb) - 1hr 35mins

Mon 3 Apr:  11:00am

Fff From The Land Of The Moon

M (Violence, sex scenes & nudity) - 2hrs 1min

Sun 9 Apr:  7:30pm

Fff Hope

R13 (Violence, offensive language and sex scenes.) - 1hr 29mins

Thu 6 Apr:  8:30pm

Fff In Bed With Victoria

M (Sex scenes and offensive language.) - 1hr 37mins

Mon 27 Mar:  8:30pm
Sat 1 Apr:  2:00pm

Fff Its Only The End Of The World

M - 1hr 39mins

Mon 3 Apr:  8:30pm
Sun 9 Apr:  11:05am

Fff Julie & The Shoe Factory

M - 1hr 23mins

Sat 1 Apr:  4:15pm

Fff Just To Be Sure

M (Offensive language & sexual references) - 1hr 39mins

Tue 4 Apr:  11:00am

Fff Le Doulos

M (violence, sexual violence and offensive language) - 1hr 49mins

Thu 6 Apr:  11:00am

Fff Max And Leon

M - 1hr 38mins

Wed 29 Mar:  11:00am
Sat 8 Apr:  1:45pm

Fff Mercenary

R16 - 1hr 43mins

Sat 1 Apr:  6:15pm

Fff Monsieur Chocolat

M - 1hr 59mins

Mon 3 Apr:  6:10pm

Fff My Mommy Is In America And She Met Buffalo Bil

PG - 1hr 12mins

Thu 30 Mar:  11:00am

Fff Odyssey

PG (Coarse Language) - 2hrs 3mins

Sun 2 Apr:  11:05am
Tue 11 Apr:  8:30pm

Fff Ogres

R16 - 2hrs 19mins

Fri 31 Mar:  6:15pm

Fff One Man And His Cow

M - 1hr 32mins

Thu 30 Mar:  6:30pm

Fff Penny Pinicher!

M (Sex scenes & offensive language) - 1hr 29mins

Fri 7 Apr:  4:00pm

Fff Planetarium

M (sex scenes, nudity and drug use) - 1hr 45mins

Wed 12 Apr:  11:00am

Fff Saint Amour

M - 1hr 41mins

Tue 28 Mar:  11:00am
Sun 9 Apr:  5:15pm

Fff Slack Bay

R13 (Violence and content that may disturb) - 2hrs 2mins

Sun 2 Apr:  7:40pm
Fri 7 Apr:  6:15pm

Fff Standing Tall

R16 - 1hr 59mins

Tue 4 Apr:  8:30pm
Mon 10 Apr:  6:00pm

Fff The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

PG - 1hr 31mins

Fri 31 Mar:  11:00am

Fff The Unknown Girl

M - 1hr 46mins

Tue 28 Mar:  8:30pm
Tue 11 Apr:  11:00am

Fff The Woods Dreams Are Made Of

E - 2hrs 26mins

Fri 7 Apr:  11:00am

Fff Things To Come

M - 1hr 42mins

Mon 27 Mar:  11:00am

Fff Two Friends

M - 1hr 42mins

Thu 6 Apr:  6:20pm

Fff Up For Love

M - 1hr 38mins

Fri 31 Mar:  4:00pm
Wed 5 Apr:  6:15pm

Met Opera 2016-17 Season: Eugene Onegin

TBC - 3hrs 57mins

Sun 23 Jul:  4:00pm
Wed 26 Jul:  1:30pm

Met Opera 2016-17 Season: Idomeneo

TBC - 4hrs 18mins

Sun 2 Jul:  4:00pm
Wed 5 Jul:  1:30pm

Met Opera 2016-17 Season: La Traviata

TBC - 2hrs 54mins

Sun 11 Jun:  4:00pm
Wed 14 Jun:  1:30pm

Met Opera 2016-17 Season: Nabucco

TBC - 3hrs 4mins

Sun 2 Apr:  4:00pm
Wed 5 Apr:  1:30pm

Met Opera 2016-17 Season: Romeo et Juliette

TBC - 3hrs 30mins

Sun 30 Apr:  4:00pm
Wed 3 May:  1:30pm

Met Opera 2016-17 Season: Rusalka

TBC - 4hrs 5mins

Sun 21 May:  4:00pm
Wed 24 May:  1:30pm

NT Live: Amadeus

TBC - 3hrs 30mins

Sun 14 May:  4:00pm
Mon 15 May:  1:30pm

NT Live: Hedda Gabler

TBC - 3hrs 30mins

Sun 9 Apr:  4:00pm
Mon 10 Apr:  1:30pm

NT Live: Saint Joan

E - 2hrs 55mins

Mon 27 Mar:  1:30pm

NT Live: Twelfth Night

TBC - 3hrs 30mins

Sun 18 Jun:  4:00pm
Mon 19 Jun:  1:30pm

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