Cold War

1 hr. 29 min. | Rated M | Offensive language, sex scenes and suicide ref

Starring: Joanna Kulig, Jeanne Balibar, Jacek Rozenek

Cold War is a love story. However, it's a love story set across physical and emotional landscapes that do not lend themselves easily to the passions and obsessions of the human players.
Wiktor (Tomasz Kot) is a musical director and musician touring the snow-covered Polish countryside in the years immediately after World War II, looking for songs and music to maybe incorporate in a show. Next to him, the quiet and watchful Irena (Agata Kulesza) records and observes. A government functionary, with some ill-defined but sinister purpose shadows the pair everywhere, making his own recordings, hinting at strife to come.
When the beautiful and soulful Zula (Joanna Kulig) strides into Wiktor's orbit, he is immediately smitten. What follows is a decade-long ricochet across Europe, as the star-crossed pair try to find a city and a place within themselves where they might be able to pause and allow their affair to grow.
I loved this film and these people. I loved their insecurities, uncertainties, passions and the way that music is a constant companion and guiding force in their lives. Cold War is an evocation of love, music, passion and heartbreak set against ice, rubble and fear. It is a lean and perfect gem.

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