Calm With Horses

1 hr. 41 min. | Rated R18 | Brutal violence, cruelty, rape, drug use and offensive language

Starring: Barry Keoghan, Ned Dennehy, Niamh Algar, Anthony Welsh, David Wilmot, Cosmo Jarvis

In the dark underbelly of rural Ireland, ex-boxer Douglas "Arm" Armstrong (Cosmo Jarvis, Hunter Killer) has become a feared enforcer for the drug-dealing Devers family. When his ruthless employers order him to kill for the first time, his loyalties are tested in this powerful thriller costarring Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk) and Ned Dennehy ("Peaky Blinders")

"Rowland keeps the story rolling along compellingly, and though there's some brutal violence, this is as classy a low-budget crime drama as I've seen for some time - bleak, harrowing, but also surprisingly tender and, once or twice, very funny."
Daily Mail


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